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1900 NY Census

Source Information

  • Title 1900 NY Census 
    Short Title 1900 NY Census 
    Author Collected by Lisa Slaski 
    Source ID S190 
    Text Amsterdam
    67 Bunn St.
    Abeling, Frederick, head, Mar? 1870, 30, m4, NY, NY, NY, stone cutter, rents house
    Minnie, wife, Sep 1873, 26, m4, 2/[blank], NY, NY, NY
    Ethel, dau, Dec 1897, 2, s, NY, NY, NY
    Inman, son, Dec? 1900, ?, s, NY, NY, NY

    18 Kindall?
    Abeling, Harrison, head, Jan 1871, 29, m7, NY, NY, NY, grocer clerk, rents house
    Hattie? A., wife, Sep 1868, 31, m7, 2/2, NY, NY, NY
    Marion C, dau, Oct 1894, 5, s, NY, NY, NY
    Homer B., son, Jun 1896, 3, s, NY, NY, NY


    unknown street

    Abeling, William, head, Aug 1834, 65, m40, NY, NY, NY, cigar manufacturer, owns house free of mortgage
    Henrietta, wife, Mar 1839, 61, m40, 4/2, Ger, Ger, Ger, 1840, 60
    Lizzie, dau, Oct 1877, 22, Ger, Ger, Ger, school teacher
    Webster, son, Mar 1889, 11, s, NY, Ger, Ger, at school

    [several pages]

    unknown street

    Abeling, Frank, head, Jul 1861, 38, m9, NY, NY, NY, day labor, rents house
    Julia, wife, Mar 1863, m9, 0/0, NY, NY, NY

    Van Abeling, Mary, head, Nov 1844, 56, wd, 3/2, Eng, Eng, Eng, 1855, 45, land lady, owns house free of mortgage

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    Schultz Street

    Abeling, George, head, Jan 1872, 28, m3, NY, NY, Ger, Day Labor RR, rents house
    Lizzie, wife, Dec 1875, m3, 1/1, NY, Ger, NY
    Libbie, dau, Aug 1897, 2, s, NY, NY, NY
    Abeling, Harrison, head, Nov 1840, 59, m33, NY, Ger, Ger, mason, owns house free of mortgage
    Mary, wife, Nov 1840, 59, m33, 1/1, NY, Ger, Ger
    Hammersmith, Ida, dau, Oct 1879, 20, m1, NY, NY, NY
    Fred, son-in-law, Jul 1870, 29, m1, 0/0, NY, Ger, NY, grocer

    [skip one dwelling]

    Abeling, Andrew, head, Aug 1848, 51, m30, NY, Ger, Ger, tinsmith, owns house (mortgaged)
    Josephene, wife, Nov 1850, 49, m30, 3/3, NY, Ger, Ger
    Cora, dau, Jan 1876, 24, s, 0/0, NY, NY, NY, candy maker
    Hoag, Harry, head (same household and Andrew Abeling), Aug 1873, 26, m3, NY, NY, NY, shipping clerk factory, rents house
    Lillie, wife, Sep 1873, 26, m3, 1/1, NY, NY, NY
    Gladys, dau, Aug 1898, 1, s, NY, NY, NY

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    unknown street name
    house #1
    Abeling, Edward, head, Mar 1871, 29, m9, NY, NY, Ger, day labor, owns house (mortgaged)
    Mary, wife, May 1870, 30, m9, 3/2, Ger, Ger, Ger, imm 1872, 28
    Emma, dau, Jun 1894, 5, s, NY, NY, Ger
    Maud, dau, Sep 1896, 3, s, NY, NY, Ger

    house #5
    1900 Canajoharie
    Abeling, Orlandro, head, Aug 1849, 50, m29, NY, Ger, Ger, tinsmith, owns house free of mortgage
    Elizabeth, wife, Jun 1851, 48, m29, 10/7, Ger, Ger, Ger, 45 yr US resident
    Gussie, dau., Mar 1883, 17, s, NY

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    house #7, Maple Ave Street
    Abeling, Robert, head, Mar 1844, 56, m32, NY, Ger, Ger, owns house (mortgaged)
    Amelia, wife, Aug 1849, 50, m32, 4/3, NY, Ger, Ger
    Isabel, dau, Apr 1874, 26, s, NY, NY, NY, candy? dipper
    Fannie, dau, Jul 1879, 20, s, NY, NY, NY, hat trimmer?

    house #13 Maple Ave Street
    Kirschner, Antan [sic], head, Oct 1833, 66, m40, Ger, Ger, Ger, 1857, 43, na, musician, owns house free of mortgage
    Antane?, wife, Nov 1839, 60, m40, 6/2, Ger, Ger, Ger, 1857, 43
    Nellie, dau, Nov 1870, 29, s, NY, Ger, Ger, Press Hand
    Abeling, Freada, head, Mar 1861, 39, wd, 5/3, NY, Ger, Ger, dressmaker, house (no indication of renting or owning)
    Edna, dau, Sep 1887, 12, s, NY, NY, NY, at school
    Ruth, dau, Jul 1891, 8, s, NY, NY, NY
    Helen, dau, Mar, 1894, 6, s, NY, NY, NY

    #21 Maple Ave Street
    Abeling, Henry, head, Oct 1834, 65, m42, NY, Ger, Ger, farmer, owns farm free of mortgage
    Sophia, wife, Jun 1839, 60, m42, 7/5, NY, Ger, Ger
    Charles, son, Jun 1859, 40, s, NY, NY, NY
    Mary, dau, Apr 1864, 36, s, NY, NY, NY, dressmaker
    Jessie, dau, Nov 1876, 23, s, NY, NY, NY

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    Abeling street

    Abeling, William, head, Mar 1874, 26, m7, NY, NY, NY, day labor, rents house
    Carrie, wife, Aug 1876, 23, m7, 2/2, NY, NY, NY
    Frederick, son, Aug 1893, 6, s, NY, NY, NY
    Lester, son, Dec 1896, 3, s, NY, NY, NY

    Abeling, Charles, head, Nov 1839, 60, m35, NY, Ger, Ger, [no occup. listed] owns house free of mortgage
    Caroline, wife, Aug 1842, 57, m35, 0/0, Ger, Ger, Ger, [no imm. date given], 38
    Linked to Aaron Stafford 


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